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What Can I Expect?

Each reading is unique as the individual! Most of my readings are fun, upbeat conversations; the time flies by and it feels like we're long lost friends. I encourage you to arrive to our session with clear energy and an open heart. Get comfortable, create privacy for yourself, light a candle, have your journal and coffee or tea near by. These sessions are for you to enjoy so enjoy the heck out of it! 

How Long Does Each Session Take?

Most readings end up being between 45 mins to 1 hour. Transit readings for existing customers typically last 30 minutes.

Will My Reading be Recorded?


How Often Can I get Readings?

Your first reading is foundational to understanding the basics of your birth chart. After our initial session you have the option to book consecutive readings to go deeper into the outer planets, a particular area of interest, or transit check-ins. 

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