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Your Path is Written in the Stars

Let me Read them for You.


Written in the Stars

For as long as I can remember I’ve been fascinated with the sky. My dad shared his interest in space and astronomy with me as a child and I’ve been looking up ever since!

As I grew up I took an interest in all things metaphysical which led me to the study of astrology. I gained a cursory understanding of my birth chart which gave me a greater appreciation of my personality traits, especially the ones I had trouble accepting. Though, nothing prepared me for the total epiphany I had after having my chart professionally read while in my early twenties! So much was uncovered about my gifts, lessons and path for this lifetime! Since then, I’ve had years of self-study, culminating with the formal training I received last year from Debra Silverman. On December 6, 2020 I graduated from Applied Astrology II and haven’t looked back!

My goal is to help my clients feel seen, heard and held during our sessions as we explore their soul’s blueprint! I weave astrology with energy work and practical steps to discover your true purpose and nurture the gifts you possess within.

Astrology gives us a greater understanding of ourselves and others; it helps us remember who we are and why we’re here!

What will you uncover about your potential?


Talk to you soon!


You're In.

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